Planning a corporate event can be an easy process or can be a tricky endeavor.

Planning a corporate event can be an easy process or can be a tricky endeavor. You want to ensure that you cover all of the details. From food, to location, to atmosphere and more, the perfect event takes planning and effort to be executed flawlessly. Whether you are a professional planner or you just got “stuck” with the task, your caterer will be able to relieve some of the pressures of planning your event.

Determine your budget

How much can be spent on food, entertainment, room rental / rental equipment, etc.

Secure a Caterer

Secure your caterer with a deposit and keep copies of all menu revisions & payment updates.

Make appointments

Make appointments to view venues. Discuss Venue costs and what is included in those fees. Determine if you are permitted to bring in an outside caterer or do they require an in house caterer. If you are permitted to bring in your own caterer, schedule a tasting and establish pricing.

Create a Timeline

Make a to-do list timeline. Are there details that you need to cover or are time-sensitive?

Hire a Bartender

Secure your licensed bartender; your caterer should be able to provide not only your bartender and alcohol, but the liability insurance that will be required.

Finalize Plans

A few weeks before your event converse with your caterer to finalize your guest count and to finalize day of event timeline.


Determine your Menu

Determine your menu with your caterer and determine the timing and manner of serving. Will it be a cocktail reception, buffet or a sit-down, plated meal? Will you also be offering Hors d’oeuvres ahead of time and are you considering a dessert bar later in the evening?